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Gel Treatment: 100% Hassle free, Safe & Effective

Household DisinfestationA comprehensive treatment against crawling insects like cockroaches, spiders, red & black ants ,moths, silverfish and other insects that pose a problem to offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and homes. And the problem could be greater than most people realise. Because such pests are not only cause for annoyance, but also carry diseases that could prove near-fatal! Foodstuffs are easily fouled and contaminated by these pests.


  • "Gel Treatment" it works effectively on cockroaches & is totally odourless, hassle-free, safe & effective.
  • "Gel Treatment" has cascading effect on cockroaches and eliminates them totally.
  • No need to empty out kitchen or vacate house when this "Gel Treatment" is used and has residual effect of about 3 to4 months.
  • Odourless insecticide is sprayed to effectively control other crawling insects like red & black ants, silver fish, lizards etc.,

"Gel Treatment" Cockroaches)
"Gel Treatment" is the no. ONE choice of pest control professional for two reasons:

  • It's surprisingly effective
  • Easy to use

Yes! Due to new technology in professional pest control, we can offer you an effective, Hassle free & safe way to treat infestations. The results are excellent & the residual effect is long lasting – up to 3 to 4 months.

Gel contains a very potent roach killer. Gel's mode of action sets it apart form most commercial insecticides currently in the market. "Gel Treatment" disrupts of roach's central nervous system. This causes hyper-excitation of contaminated roaches' nerves and muscles. While many classes of insecticides affect the central nervous system, no other class has this specific effect. And one single application of Gel just keeps killing and killing –for up to 3 to 4 months.

It can be applied in residential food processing areas, occupied rooms in hospital, nursing, homes and extended care facilities. It's a much safer alternative to chemical treatments. "Gel Treatment" is practically non-toxic by ingestion.