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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Disinfestation service Professional, swift treatment against cockroaches, bugs, ants, moths, silverfish and other destructive crawling insects with quality Bhavani formulations, to kill pests, which spread disease, harm your health and damage carpets, garments, books and household possessions.

Cockroach Are filthy and contaminate food; cause diseases such as gastroenteritis, cholera, food poisoning and leprosy.

A comprehensive treatment against insects like cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish and other crawling insects that pose a problem to offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories and homes , and the problem could be greater than most people realize, because such pests not only cause for annoyance, but also carry diseases that could prove near-fatal! Especially Stores foodstuffs are easily fouled and contaminated by these pests.


We carry out following types of treatment
a) Gel Treatment / Odorless insecticide spray.
b) Regular pest control using insecticides with odor (For Gully traps/drainages/storm water drains).
Gel Treatment/ Odorless spray (AMC for Commercial / Industrial Premises, Residential Complex):

  • The Gel Treatment works effectively on cockroaches & is totally odorless, hassle-free, safe & effective.
  • This treatment when carried out has cascading effect on cockroaches and eliminates them totally.
  • No need to empty out kitchen or vacant premises when this Gel is used has residual effect of about 4 months.
  • We will carry out odorless insecticide spray to effectively control other crawling insects like red & black ants, silver fish etc.

BED BUGS Bed Bug Cause painful bites as they suck the blood while people sleep. Usually found in unhygienic and poorly ventilated areas
Bed Bugs usually live with human beings in their homes, offices, hotels & guest houses. The Bed Bugs enter in the flat/ premises by following ways:
1) Corrugated Cartons
2) Laundry clothes
3) Flower Bokay
4) Bags of maid servant
5) School Bags etc.
Once they gain entry in the premises the bed bugs rapidly multiply and usually hide in the crakes and crevices, beds, beddings etc.
Bed bugs suck human blood & cause pain to the human being. The bed bugs lay eggs under the beddings and they prefer to live close to the human beings for proximity (human blood).
Mode of Treatment:
Spraying activity is carried out in bed rooms & living rooms where the bed bugs normally hide.
The insecticide has a broad spectrum activity, very strong flushing action, knock down action, long residual effect and no objectionable door.
The insecticides used for Bed bugs treatment is very highly effective and the treatment should be carried out in two stages.
1ST SERVICE: This service will flush out all adult bed bugs and gives very good knockdown effect, thereby controlling the adult bed bugs.
The bugs which are in egg stage are not killed as the contact insecticide is not effective in egg stage.
We have to repeat the 2ND SERVICE within 15 to 18 days. The 2nd service helps to eliminate the new breed of bed bugs which were in egg stage during the 1st service .This mode of treatment helps to gain enough control & reduces the menace of bed bugs.

TERMITE CONTROL Anti-termite treatment to protect building structures & contents. Termites attack and destroy wood, paper, clothing and several other materials that contain cellulose and are a threat to the entire property. Termite treatment should be preferably carried out during construction, but can also be effective on finished buildings.
Termites or white-ants as they are popularly known are one of the most destructive pests to inhabit this planet even before man. They are basically sub-terranean or ground-nesting species and cause wide spread damage worth several crores of rupees annually.
Termites feed on cellulose materials such as wood, textiles, paper, etc. in turn posing danger to buildings, housing, homes, hotels, offices etc. Where they can find wood and other cellulose material.
In order to prevent termites from causing serious damage to the buildings under construction / existing buildings and to protect the woodwork and your expensive interiors it is necessary to resort to the following modes of treatment.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION TERMITE MANGEMENT In new construction, the soil around and underneath the building is treated at the time of construction, in stages, with a potent soil toxicant forming an impregnable chemical barrier that prevents termite entry. This service is backed by a 5 years service warranty.
At present all industrial , commercial and residential complex are made of reinforced concrete cement structures. The land being the breeding place subterranean termites. Hence, in order to prevent this, barriers are to be created 500 mm (20 inches) below the ground level, i.e. in the foundation itself. Our treatment for such subterranean termites is as follows:
Mode of Treatment:
1. The vertical surface (Column) of submerged structure will be treated with the anti-termite chemicals.
2. The plinth level when filled with earth will also be treated before laying of the sand bed or sub-grade.
3. The junctions of inner walls and floors are to be treated at the plinth level.
4. The external perimeter in contact with the ground level will also be treated.
This administration of chemicals at various levels prevents the entry of subterranean termites from earth to the R.C.C. structures.
This treatment carries a service warrantee of FIVE years.

POST-CONSTRUCTION TERMITE MANGEMENT Anti-termite treatment of infested buildings requires a high degree of expertise and structural knowledge. The work involved consists not only of termite eradication but also preventive measure against re-infestation. Post-construction termite treatment is backed by a 5 year service guarantee
Mode of treatment:
1. Injecting termiticide into termite tubes on the outer surface of walls, etc.
2. Drilling holes at the junction of walls and floors at a permissible distance of 1-2 ft. and impregnating these holes with termiticide so as to create a chemical barrier impervious to termite entry.
3. Trenching along the external perimeter of the building and pouring chemical to create a chemical collar all around the building to prevent termites from infiltrating into the building. This treatment carries a service warrantee of one /two/ Five years.
4. The new generation termiticide act as killing fields and systematic insecticide with contact and stomach action.

  • Non –repellent insecticides, hence termites fail to detect gaps in the chemical barrier and are directly exposed to the chemical even in improper application situation.
  • Insecticide does not kill termites immediately on contact and allows more termites to get exposed to treated soil, thus giving a better control.
  • Exposed termites transfer toxicant to nest mates not directly exposed to termicide , causing indirect mortality.
  • Odorless /Hassel free & Safe.

POWDER POST BEETLES The beetle lay eggs in the pores or in any cracks or crevices in wood. The larva or grubs develops from them bore into wood for shelter and food, leaving the undigested material in the form of dust. After periods ranging from a few months to few years, the larva turns to pupa and later into wings insects which emerge through the holes and spread the infestation.
We at BPC provide you with expertise service to your woodwork and save your money by treating the woodwork and your interiors with oil based chemical spray to eradicate the menace of termites and seal the entry of Termites in your woodwork. We at BPC have enough experience to do these jobs professionally.

DRY-WOOD TERMIES The woodwork and your expensive interior is the first target and as you are aware that dry-wood termites are Voracious eaters of wood and other cellulous material, you will notice the damage only after considerable destruction is caused by these termites. The trace of termites can be seen only after your entire woodwork is damaged and destroyed beyond repair; thus compelling you to suffer the huge loss and to incur further heavy expenses to do your interior all over again.

RODENT MANGEMENT PROGRAM Rats and mice spread disease and cause damage to property. Our comprehensive rodent control programme using a range of rodenticides is both equally safe and effective.
Various species, of Rodents have different behaviour patterns, are very active at different times of day/night and are carriers of various pathogens causing diseases like Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Plague, Typhus Fever, Trichinosis etc. Their active presence in human dwelling in general heightens the danger of contamination and infection.
Rats-Know some facts

  • Rats can multiply very rapidly.
  • Can gnaw through pipes, bricks, wood etc. with chisel like teeth.
  • They deprive people of food grains, through contamination.
  • They are carriers of more than 40 dreaded diseases.
  • They damage buildings, godowns, bunds, irrigation canals and disrupt communication through their burrowing and gnawing habits. Losses caused by short circuiting of wires cannot be quantified. BPC tackles the rodent problem at its roots. BPC undertakes rodent control of food processing plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, poultry farms etc.

This service comprises of baiting, trapping and fumigation of burrows. The control of rodents involves the study of the type of rodents, their habits, behaviour and harborage. We propose to carry out rodent control by using any one of the following methods.
1. Baiting with anticoagulant rodenticide.
2. Trapping as necessary.
3. Fumigation of burrows.
4. Installation of Rat Guards.
In the event of increase in the population of the rodents, we will carry out again an intensive programme to control the rodents.
Rodent Control programme is carried out on daily basis for a week or 10 days and once the control is achieved then the maintenance is done by treating the area once in 15 days. Though we have mentioned 24 services p.a. in actual we render almost 34-40 services.
Installation of Rat Guards:
(For society buildings/ commercial and industrial premises)
Rat Guard is made of metal sheet which is fitted in INVERTED CONE shape around pipes to restrict rats from climbing to upper floors.
Generally Rats have a tendency to climb through the pipes & enter flats/ premises on upper floors in search of food.
Once the society bldg. / commercial & industrial premises get d Rat Guards installed, this will prevent rodent menace of the upper floors
Regular Rodent Control (AMC) should be done to control the rats in the open area inside the compound.

VECTOR CONTROL Cholera, Dysentry, Malaria, Dengue and many other dreaded diseases are transmitted by flies and mosquitoes. Our integrated control measures comprises of treating the areas of breeding controlling adult nuisance and preventing recurrence. Bhavani with its multi- pronged programme has effective control measures for these pests.

Mosquito Carrier of malaria, dengue, encephalitis, yellow fever.

The mosquitoes have worldwide distribution, they occur throughout the tropical and temperate regions. They are found at elevations of more than 5000 mts. and in deep mines. The mosquitoes which bites human beings belong to the Genara-Anopheles, Culex, Aedes, Mansonia, Haemagogus, Sabethes and Psorophora. The above various species of mosquitoes are a big nuisance to man.

The life cycle of mosquitoes is of 4 stages-Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult. The duration of the life cycle depends on some of the a biotic factors, particularly temperature and biotic factors. Most of the species under tropical conditions complete their life cycle in 7-10 days. The life span of adult also depends on climatic conditions.

Mosquito control is based on the study of bionomics and behavior of the target species and environment. Control measures are carried out in two stages-Larvicidal measures to control the mosquitoes in their immature stages and fogging operation to control the adult mosquito. Spraying pesticides having residual effect is used to control resting mosquitoes on various types of surfaces and anti- larva treatment is carried out on the stagnant water and other vulnerable areas where the mosquitoes breed. Space spray is used to knockdown mosquitoes which are not accessible +.

We suggest that larvicidal measures and fogging operations must be carried out once in a week. This will enable to control the menace of mosquitoes.

This is the only possible way to keep your area free from the ravages of the mosquito and help families to grow in a healthy environment.

WEED CONTROLWeeds are ugly. When they crop up on your property they make you premises unsightly and in the long run affect your public image and business. Weeds around building and warehouses provide a breeding place for rats, mice, insects and often reptiles.
Around oil tanks, refiners and pipelines, dried weeds are a major fire hazard. Pressure exerted by weeds causes cracks in buildings, heaves pavement and even damages foundations. Poisonous plants such as Parthenium hysterophours (congress grass) cause severe allergic conditions like dermatitis, asthma etc.
Unwanted weeds and grass around your plant and building are costly in time, manpower, equipment replacement and repairs. You can easily reduce these costs and release maintenance staff for other productive assignments.
Mechanical or manual weeding provides, at best, partial or temporary relief for most weeds grow as fast as they are removed. Effective, efficient and enduring weed-free conditions can be obtained only by chemical measures. Proper chemical application will ensure eradication of the existing vegetation and prevent growth. This would demand a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of weeds that are commonly encountered and their growth pattern; a perfect understanding of weedicidal chemicals, their properties and application techniques and an ability to relate these to soil types, temperature and other climatic conditions which are vital variables in any weed control operation. The presence of a weed problem is often not fully realized until after the best time for treatment has passed. A careful inspection while emphasizing the damage done will serve to provide accurate information to the weed control technician on which to base his treatment.
A small investment on BPC weed control service has proved to be a long term savings programme.

Household Pests That Cause Damage And Spread Diseases



Flys are responsible for causing dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, anthrax and eye diseases such as trachoma.


Rats are unhygienic as they carry and transmit dangerous diseases such as rat-bite fever, food-poisoning and plague.


Termites Damage structures and consume valuable building timber, furniture and other items based on cellulose.